Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Odds n ends!

Hi guys and gals,

Hope the training is going well and you've all been inspired by the Olympics to get out on the bike and do some miles!!

We've finally had a confirmation from justgiving that the event is listed on their site.  That was a long old wait, but for those of you who've had trouble setting up your page, follow this link and it should be more straight forward. Any problems refer to the previous posts on the 'how to' or drop us an email!

We're at the 10% mark of our target which is fab but still a long way to go.  Let's all make an effort to give that extra push over the next few weeks.

A few tips from my friend who advises charities on fundraising. 

1. Start with the story, why give to Cancer Research UK? Have a look at their website for some inspiration.

2. Don't be afraid to chase people, she advised me to send an email every week!

3. Use every method of communication you have, so tweet, facebook, email and talk about all the work you're putting into this.

On a separate note, we're still waiting to hear from some of you with your phone numbers etc, please email the following

- mobile phone number
- emergency contact name and number
- dietary requirements, if none please still tell us, then we know how many veggies/non veggies to cater for.
- t-shirt size, orders have already been sent so if you didn't reply already we can't promise you the size you require but we'll do our best!!

Thanks and hopefully see some more of you at the social this Sunday. Bring along your instruments if you want to play along and we'll have another go at a few songs!



  1. Hi guys,

    I really want to cycle to Bestival, but I can't do any fundraising, as I am already doing it for The London Triathlon. I don't think my friends and family will donate twice!

    Can I still ride with you guys? I'm happy to help out in any other way and will of course donate some dosh as well.



  2. Hi Drew,

    Unfortunately registration for bike to bestival is now closed and as we've booked the vans, campsites and ferries joining us for the ride itself wouldn't be practical. Sorry but with only a few weeks to go we had to finalise numbers. Hopefully you can join us on a future ride.