Saturday, 25 August 2012

Bike to Bestival signs

So today was a B2B admin day. Sophie and I have been tying up the loose ends on the organisational front whilst Warren has been out testing the second part of the route again (The instructions should be very thorough by the end of it)

I thought you might like to see the signs we've made. Basically in the route instructions there are a couple of points where we've written " A member of the B2B support team will be present here to point you in the right direction." 

What we mean by this is that they'll be holding a sign. Sophie's Dad kindly put them together for us and we spent part of this afternoon applying the identifying marks (or as I like to call them words) 

Well this is what to look out for... Just follow the pointy bit




  1. Will there be enough signs for one each after the ride?? One would look great on my living room wall! ;)

  2. We've just made six. One set for each van. I don't know what will happen to them afterwards but they might get kept in case we do it all again.