Friday, 31 August 2012

Details for Bike to Bestival bag drop-off points

Howdy all… 
The time is very nearly upon us! Hope you’re all feeling fit and raring to go!
As you probably already know, as well as the van waiting for your kit at Lambeth Palace, there’s going to be one van waiting near Waterloo Station and one van waiting near Charing Cross.
Information on how to find us at either station is below – but please remember, if you’re going to drop your bags off here, you must have done it by 10am at the very, very latest. The vans will be there from approximately 9am. After 10am, the vans will be leaving! So get there early!
With your back to the main turnstiles leading to the platforms, turn right and head right to the end of the station concourse. Take the small exit here, under a set of stairs with the ‘Cabin’ café on the concourse above you. Turn right out of the exit, and follow the road until you see a big blue P sign on your left. The van will be here. If it isn’t, there may have been problems with parking. Phone Mike Futcher (number is in your info pack).
The parking bay is shown on this map, number 1:

To get to Lambeth Palace, go back into the station and head to the opposite end of the concourse. Take the exit down some stairs and turn left on to the main road. Follow this road straight over a one-way system until you see us gathered on your left outside Lambeth Palace.
Charing Cross
Head out of the main exit into the front courtyard, turn right, and take the first turning on your right (Villiers Street). Look for a turning on your left, John Adam Street (with a Café Rouge on the corner). The van will be parked down this street, or one of the side roads connected to it. Look out for a member of the B2B support team (with a B2B sign!) who will point you in the right direction.
John Adam Street is here:

To get to Lambeth Palace, return to Villiers Street and turn left down to Embankment station. Go through Emankment station, and hit Victoria Embankment along the river. Turn right. At Westminster Bridge, turn left and cross the river. Once across the river, you’ll immediately hit a one-way system/roundabout. Follow this all the way around to the right and take the road along the river until you see us gathered on your left outside Lambeth Palace.

That’s it my friends! Please, please do take the time to suss out where you’re going – and we’ll see you merry lot on Tuesday!

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