Wednesday, 1 August 2012

B2B start point... Doin' the Lambeth Cycle!

After a fair amount of to-ing and fro-ing and a good deal of gnashing of teeth this end, we’re very pleased to announce that we have a (glorious) start-point for the inaugural Bike to Bestival…

We’re going to be pushing off on the morning of Tuesday 4 September from the fantastic  Lambeth Palace on the south bank of the Thames, just west of Waterloo. Have a good old squiz for yourselves here:

A little bit of background to the behind-the-scenes wrangling on this one. Because of everything going on in central London this summer, it’s been nigh-on impossible to get permission to gather as a group anywhere of real prominence. Unfortunately, that ruled out our first choice of Trafalgar Square – and pretty much any of the Royal Parks.

Thank the lord, then (or more specifically in this case, the Archbishop of Canterbury) for the lovely Malcolm at Lambeth Palace for stepping up to the plate… It’s a great place to kick things off, too, right on the river and slap-bang on our route out of the Smoke, with the added boon that we’re going to be avoiding almost all of the central London traffic snarl up and be on our way out towards Richmond Park before you can say “Yes! We’re off to bleeding Bestival!”

More details to follow, but for those of you starting to plan your journey, we’re going to need everyone to arrive between 9.30am and 10.15am, to load up the vans with kit and get ready for the off just before 11am. We’re very aware that this could potentially be a tricky time in terms of people arriving in London weighed down with bikes, tents, rucksacks etc… We’re currently thinking of ways to try and make this easier for you. So keep ‘em peeled…

In the meantime, check out our Facebook page for details of the next social on Sunday 12 August, from 2-6, at the Royal George pub just off Charing Cross Road. Get yourselves down there friends!

Warren, Dom and Sophie

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