Monday, 25 June 2012

Very happy campers…

Cor, it’s all getting to seem pretty real, ain’t it? We’re very happy to announce that we’re now booked in to a campsite for the evening of Tuesday 4 September. And get this for an appropriately Bestival-ish moniker… 

It’s called Mellow Farm Adventure. Yes, that’s right.

And it’s a cracking looking place, too, a properly idyllic countryside spot on the Hampshire-Surrey border, set on the River Wey and surrounded by grassland and woodland. And we’re allowed to light fires! And there’s showers! And we may have the run of the whole flipping place! Perfect for settling in for a barbecue, a couple of ales and perhaps a few songs after a day in the saddle…

The distance from central London (we’ve mapped the route out now – we’ll post it up here soon) is just over 45 miles, which is nigh on perfect; it means that the second day’s ride (when we have to make it to Southampton in time for the ferries) will be a little less taxing.

Check out Mellow Farm here:

It couldn’t get more Darling Buds of May. Except that that was set in Kent.

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