Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bike to Bestival JustGiving team page

Howdy Bikers,

Good news..... I think!
We've had a few little problems getting the Bike to Bestival event listed on JustGiving, however we've had someone join our team page (well done Ryan!) so its clearly out there and it may be our technical skills that are lacking somewhat!!

So if you have bought a Bike to Bestival ticket already, please sign up and get fundraising!

If you're not familiar with how JustGiving team pages work theres a basic guide on their website here, have a read:
First you need to set up your own JustGiving page linked to Cancer Research UK which you then link to our team page, we then get a notification to approve your membership of the team.  We have to cross reference this with the list of people who have bought tickets so please bear with us if we don't do it immediately, we'll get there!

Bike to Bestival is going to be a really fun way to start the Bestival week, but its really important to us and the folks at Bestival to raise as much money for Cancer Research UK as we can at the same time.  We know a few of you are a bit anxious about raising the £200 minimum we have asked for but you've got over 2 months before the event. 
Thats plenty enough time to beg your family members, and get your mum/dad/granny/sister/brother/dog to ask around and tell all their friends what a brilliant project you're involved in and collect a few pennies (or preferably pounds) for you.  Shout loud and shout proud, because its for a very worthwhile charity.
If you're a student and your mates are saving their pennies for pound a pint night, how about cooking them dinner or doing their washing up for a donation.
Basically be creative!  Every penny helps.

We know some of you have family or friends who have been affected by cancer, so will know all too well how important the charity is.  If you're lucky enough to not have been touched by the disease have a read of the Cancer Research UK website and find out about the work they do and the people they have helped.

Last year after the Buskers on Bikes event we went along to a fundraiser evening at the CRUK offices where we heard from CRUK fundraising staff, a CRUK scientist and a long term fundraiser called Tony Selman.
Tony has been a fundraiser for CRUK for many years following his wife's long battle against cancer which she sadly lost in September 2010, his sister also died of cancer four years earlier.  Tony himself was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March 2010 and is undergoing treatment.
It seemed desperately unfair that someone who had lost 2 close family members and has raised thousands of pounds for Cancer Research UK should themselves get the disease.
Tony's message was clear though...... Cancer doesn't care.
This really struck a chord with me.  You can read more about Tony Selman and other stories on the CRUK website here:

So our team page is here please sign up, set your target at £200 and get fundraising!


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