Friday, 29 June 2012

Just giving and all that

Hi there,

Just a quick post today to thank those of you that have already got your justgiving pages set up, and a massive thank you to Sophie Holloway and Ryan Sivyer for getting us started with early donations.

In the particular environment (economy-wise as opposed to weather etc.) that we find ourselves in, almost everyone I know is doing some form of sponsored event. Timing, and the way you ask people to sponsor you can make all the difference. Be persuasive, but also sensitive and give good reasons as to why you are asking.

When you email your colleagues/friends it may help to remember the following points:
  • Is it just after payday? catch people straight after they get paid and they are more likely to donate
  • Have I explained that I've paid for my ticket and the cost of the ride. All the sponsorship money goes to Cancer Research
  • Have I explained what the charity does and why Bike to Bestival supports it?
  • Is it too cheeky to send a follow up email jujst before I go to remind people that I can still be sponsored? (I always do, and remember to thank those who've already donated. In fact the second email should thank everyone for their support and remind people that it's not too late if they haven't got round to it.)
  • Have I been polite?
As part of the justgiving site, you can set up a txt giving code which allows people to text you a donation. It's free and it can go on posters or flyers or even the bottom of an email. Top marks to Vera Gulbranson for getting her poster up at work already. You can do this in something simple like word, or a poster app on your phone... or pester anyone you know with fancy design software...
If you make a request personal it is more likely to succeed.  This is the first Bike to Bestival and we're all very excited with the progress and support you've all given us so far.

Don't be shy and don't forget to ask friends and family. We're going to have a great ride and a great festival to follow it.

Take care


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