Friday, 1 June 2012

Bike to Bestival tickets now on sale!!!!

Hi Guys,

The BiketoBestival tickets are now on sale!! We sent out the link to those of you who expressed an interest a few days ago, and got to meet a few of you at the pub the other night.

The FAQs are on an earlier email, so please just take a minute to read them all. You need a ticket to bestival and you need to be over 18 are the key things to remember. If you have any questions then plaese email us at My phone number is on the ticketing page, and I'll be off-grid, or camping as Sophie likes to call it, until Tuesday.

Just a reminder that we are raising money for Cancer Research UK.  Once you have your ticket we will send you an invite to the Just Giving Team page. We ask that everyone who is fundraising aims to raise at least £200,however if you want to do 10 times that, knock yourself out. A glittering prize to the person who raises the this space!

To keep up with our news, keep an eye on the blog and facebook/twitter. All the links are below...

We can't wait to meet you all!!


Warren, Dominic and Sophie - Bike to Bestival

Tickets now available for
Bike to Bestival

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