Monday, 16 July 2012

Warren's sunday shennanigens

List of things not to do on a Sunday:

1. Don’t watch The Antiques Roadshow. Just don’t – even if as you get a bit older (I don’t mean me here, obviously) you actually start to think it’s pretty good. Just watching one snippet about somebody’s bit of old tat that’s now worth at least sixty quid and which they definitely won’t sell is enough to induce retrograde end-of-the-weekend blues and make you think you’ve still got homework to do.

2. Don’t think that just because it’s Sunday (again, not me), and even though you’ve just eaten a mammoth dinner, that you have to go out and buy a pie and a stupid big tub of custard and eat just about all of it. Just because it’s Sunday.

3. Don’t go out on a bike ride in a jaunty little cycling top and a jaunty little cycling cap, looking every inch the consummate (if slightly annoying) cyclist, and then completely wipe out in front of hundreds of strolling Sunday families and end up in a hedge. And then try and drag yourself to your feet only to find that two dogs the size of horses are sniffing your backside.

Yup, unfortunately that was me yesterday, making a prize Sunday twit of myself, out again trying to get to grips with the best route for our first day’s ride on the 4 September. I think that it’s safe to say that that particular stretch won’t be making it on to the itinerary – a bit of rain had turned that part of Cycle Route 4 into a slimy quagmire.

It’s been a constant topic of chat between Dom and myself: do we just hit the obvious roads out of the Smoke, getting clogged up in traffic but probably getting to where we want to be a little bit quicker; or do we try and make the route as pleasant as possible, if a little bit slower?

I think the answer is “a bit of both”. The other week, we chanced upon Cycle Route 4, which takes us through Richmond Park (beautiful) and then on a winding route along the banks of the Thames, past sailing clubs, locks and, eventually, Hampton Court Palace. It’s after Hampton Court that things get a little rough – particularly for those of us with mere road bikes. Probably best at this point to hit the tarmac – and drop neatly on to a stretch of the Olympics road race route, which will fling us out into deepest, darkest Surrey.

So, detailed route directions to come in the next few weeks…

In the meantime, though, a quick (but important) call for volunteers. We need two or three of you to lead small groups on the day. As I’ve said, there will be detailed route plans, so it shouldn’t be too much bother – and we’ll take the time to sit down with you properly and fill you in. But please do drop us a line if you’re happy to take this on… Definitely a beer or two in it for you.
Toodle pip for now… hopefully see you at the Royal George on the 29th…

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