Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A grand day out...

Well I thought you'd all want to know that Warren and I had a practice crack at the ride, or rather part of it, last Thursday. After reviewing the tfl road closures advice and the lecog road closures and the royal thingy road closures information we decided to see how we would manage the first stage.

Basically on a ride like the the first stage is simply the ride to lunch

We had intended to do the whole of the first day, but with the ride back and forth looking for the perfect route (or in the case of Richmond... the way the sign should have been pointing had it not been pranked) we got as far as lunch.

I say lunch. A lovely ploughman's as it happens. Not to mention Warren's last minute impulse buy of a bag of flapjacks and rocky road cake as a kind-of-mid-morning-snack.

The good news is that this part of the ride is relatively flat and very pretty. There are plenty of places to stop for a snack and two sets of toilets (just in case) for those of a nervous disposition. We are in the process of sorting out who is going to feed the crew and where we can all stop safely.

With the numbers going on this ride we're going to need a few volunteer map readers and helpers from amongst the cyclists as a couple of the sections will be on roads where we'll need to break up into smaller groups for parts of the ride. It's worth saying that we're planning the route to keep us all in a big gang wherever possible.

In other news check the facebook page for info on the second social which we'd love to see you at with your weapon... er instrument of choice for a bit of a sing-song and a crack at arranging a couple of songs for the group.


Congratulations to Sophie Holloway who has already managed to raise the princely sum of £190 and is the top fundraiser so far.

Keep an eye on the old e-mail as the ever vigilant Sophie from the B2B team is sending out important info to riders as we speak.

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