Saturday, 7 July 2012

8 weeks and counting!!!

Hi Folks,

It's time to start pushing on with the sponsorship side of things....
I'm going to be reminding you all about this over the next 8 weeks.
YES 8 weeks, its not long untril we're off! And we are all working mega hard, in order to make it fun but also make some serious wonga for CRUK.

Few tips....
1. add a photo or two (or a video)
2. set up text donate, you can do this through your page its so easy (and try and make a memorable code mine is BTBV88)
3. make a poster and put your text donate details on it, print thousands, make wallpaper etc
4. make it personal- tell people on your page why your doing this, go on get soppy
5. email/facebook/tweet/blog your Justgiving link far and wide.

Finally - please set up a £200 target. Theres a few missing currently..... David, Sophie Herbert and our own technology resistant Warren!!
And if you're doing this with friends who haven't set up a justgiving page yet, chase em up!

If you are reading this and want to support us all by sponsoring members of the B2B team you can find their justgiving poages here

Thanks boys and girls,
Sophie :-)

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