Sunday, 16 September 2012

So what next?!

Yesterday Dominic and I attended the Cancer Research UK London Fundraisers Forum.
We were joined by the CRUK London Area Volunteer Managers and other fundraisers from across the region, ranging from individuals organising one-off events to groups and committees which have been fundraising for up to 30 years.
We heard from speakers including:
Helen Trenchard, Senior Manager of the Business Support Team
Dr Justine Reise, Clinical Trials Manager at Imperial CRUK Centre/ICTU-Cancer
Louise from Stand up to Cancer
Harry Baines, Cancer Research UK Intern and Cancer Survivor

It was a fascinating day and a great reminder of why we put so much work into making ‘Bike to Bestival’ a success.
We heard some amazing statistics:
·       97% of men who get testicular cancer now survive
·       Cancer Research UK spent £332million on research last year
·       £650,000 was raised in the London and Surrey areas by volunteers alone!
·       Cancer Research UK funds 50% of all research into Cancer in the UK and they get no government funding.

Cancer Research UK had a funding gap of £30million last year though, so what does this mean?
Essentially they had research programmes which had gone through the vetting process which they believed would contribute to the fight against cancer, however they were £30million short of funds to pay for them.

This all reminds us of how important projects like ours are to Cancer Research UK.
So to all of you who took part in ‘Bike to Bestival 2012’ a big big thankyou from the three of us and the staff at Cancer Research UK.  We were invited to this event as we are raising so much money for their cause and they all took the opportunity to pass on their thanks.
We would particularly like to mention Andrew and Max who have blown us away with their amazing fundraising. You’ve more than made up for your lack of musical ability guys!!

Lastly, if you haven’t heard of ‘Stand up to Cancer’ yet, then watch this space. 
On Friday October 19th 2012 there will be a live TV event on Channel 4.  Watch a taster of what to expect on the YouTube link below.  They are also on facebook and twitter so don’t forget to follow them. 

If you want to do any of your own fundraising for ‘Stand up to Cancer’, please let us know or drop us an email telling us what you’re doing and we’ll post it on the blog/facebook/twitter.


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