Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Message from Warren and Dominic

A welcome message from Warren and Dominic from biketobestival on Vimeo.

A little hi from me as well (That's Dominic by the way).

Warren and I got together on Sunday to film a welcome message. It'll be a while before we all get to meet up, so we thought it might be nice to have a little chat so to speak. Luckily for us Sophie and Andrea were on hand to encourage, coach, cajole and press record whilst trying not to laugh at us.


  1. I was wondering, since I'm not a cyclist, how much training should I need to get it done? I'm really fit cause I run 6/9 miles 3/4 times a week, I just haven't been cycling for a long while!

  2. We will be sending out suggestions for training and levels of fitness with the info packs. You sound like you're fairly fit and that side of it shouldn't be a problem. What you need to remember though is that cycling tightens the hamstring and uses different muscles to running. Also when you cycle your bodyweight is spread across the contact points (feet, hands and bum) so without significant time in the saddle you'll have a sore bum, achy legs and stiff arms.

    Don't worry though they'll be plenty of time for that and the magic properties of chamois cream